ALAMI means natural in Indonesian. Along with its name, we want to emphasize that our mother earth offers the finest raw natural materials that we, human being could use ethically. Pure, with no chemical intervention. It is truly rich on its own.

At ALAMI we believe in a genuine approach to skincare. Everything that you put in your skin also gets into your body. We aim to make it as friendly as possible to environment and also to yourself.

With natural ingredients, we formulate treatments that do not only have a natural charming scent, but also nourishing your skin and soul. All ingredients are carefully selected with care and production is done with immense amount of love and care in a home kitchen.

You can be confident that ALAMI will not contain any nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances. We want to make you feel as close as to nature as possible while using our product.


KVK: 68668368
BTW: NL339506398B01