Know more about deodorant history

Most of the people including me started wearing deodorant when hitting the teen age. That is the time when human these days are defined as ‘teen’. From the powder, wet roll-on, dry roll-on, spray through cream, it is absolutely a tool that get most people through the day. It creates freshness and cleanness feeling. But who knows it also went through long evolution, let’s know more about deodorant history.

When we lived in caves and had just figured out the whole thing, we were less concerned about body odor. Anthropologists believe that human odor is what helped keep us from being predator’s dish, so called defense mechanism.

Before cosmetic items became part of the ancient civilizations, humans always tried to look for the way to remove body odor. The early attempts were to use soaps, colognes and perfumes. Mass use of soap only became popular only in 18th and 19th century when advancements in chemistry enabled production of industrial soap.

In Egypt, when they weren’t building pyramids, the ancient Egyptians were working hard at covering their own smell. Egyptians invented different ways of removal including using carob, incense, and even porridge as deodorant. Women would place clod of scented wax on their heads that would slowly melt throughout the day, spreading the pleasing scent as well as masking the not so pleasant.

While Egyptian tried their ways, Greek takes miles to constantly bathing themselves in perfume. They did not only took baths in perfume, but they soaked their clothes in it and even perfumed their household pets.

Not until 1888, the first waxy antiperspirant called MUM is found. MUM was a paste applied to the underarms. Unfortunately, this product from United States was hard to apply and remove from body. It was soon followed by Everdry, the first effective easily applied antiperspirant aluminium-chloride. The downside was it took long time to dry and eating through clothes.

In the mid 1950, inspired by ball point pen, the first roll on was released. Ten years later, the first aerosol launched. This led to the trend that over 80% of the deodorants and antiperspirants were sold with that technology by 1970s. However, 1977 was the first time when government agencies in US and EU started much harsher control over harmful ingredients in cosmetics. After that, stick deodorant took the advantage and dominated the usage worldwide.

And now, you name it, there are many types of deodorant in the markets. There is stick, roll-on, spray, powder, cream, crystal, etc. Choose any form you want, just be sure it is natural and effective.



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