Natural Ingredients for Skin Care

Our skin finds natural ingredients easier to absorb. Theoretically, it is more effective and better than anything artificial. Maybe it’s the time to switch from commercial brand to a natural DIY. Meet the natural miracles that are generating and transforming complexions.

  1. Shea butter

Shea butter is known for providing effective skin care and is rich in stearic, oleic acids and natural vitamin E. Shea butter is also known for its high moisturising properties which helps protect the skin from dryness and sunburn. You can use a mixture of shea butter and coconut oil to make a body lotion/ body butter.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is not only good for your armpit (wink wink), but it is also extremely beneficial for cleansing as it breaks up all the dirt and products you apply on your face. That is why, it is a great idea to have this as a natural make up remover. Oil is good for breaking down dirt without damaging your skin. You can just take a small amount of coconut oil and massage your face, to later wash off with mark water. Do it twice you wear SPF or heavy make-up.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used for your daily toner. Have you heard about 7 layers of toner (Korean beauty method)? Basically you need to apply toner 7 times after another. Apple cider vinegar is also good to be used with this method. Make a small sample at first, and try out the best consistency for your skin. For me 1:1 with apple cider vinegar and water works perfectly. You can add more water if you feel your skin reacts to the acid.

  1. Raw Honey

You can use as lip balm, face mask, or scrub. However, face mask is the most worthwhile for honey usage, why? Because its goodness will surely absorb your skin. Meaning, the penny you spend to buy raw natural honey will be used in an optimum way. Here is several different recipes to make mask from with honey-based for different type of skin.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural plant that contains it’s own cool gel. It’s a great natural moisturiser that helps heal skin. An easy way to add this into your skin care is to create your own facials using aloe vera. You can mash the aloe vera in a small bowl and apply to you skin, leave it for 15 minutes. It will leave the skin soft and dewy.

  1. Green tea

This healthy drink contains high levels of antioxidant chemicals to help prevent and reverse UV damage to the skin. These same chemicals make green tea an excellent natural anti-inflammatory and skin soothing ingredient in skin care. This is a skin care from inside as by drinking it is enough to give benefits for your skin. Beware to always get the pure green tea one. Leave is better than tea bag, always!

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