Step by step to move to non-toxic Skin Care

As we all know, starting a new habit is not the easiest thing to do. People tend to shut down and do not even want to start anymore with its first step because it ‘seems’ complicated. For example, understanding the ingredients in personal care products can be overwhelming. Especially when most of the times, the ingredients is something we cannot even pronounce ourselves. Do we have to avoid? What is toxic? What is the impact on health? And to learn all one by one is just too much.

You cannot be perfect in changing the world. Start with something simple in your daily life that will give impacts. No need to live in the forest, be naked, or not showering. Every small step matters, do what you can and make changes that work with your lifestyle.

Here are some simple rules that can help you going through this step of conversion

  1. Filter your bathroom product

Take out all the products from your bathroom shelves and drawers. Separate all your products into two categories, the ‘must have’ and ‘why’. Why is always good to be asked to yourself, in any circumstance. By being clear with the purpose of you doing or keeping something, you will most likely more consistent with your choice.

You will be impressed with your findings, I had found stuff that are expired as well as many different creams for one purpose. Why? No idea. After all we only have 1 head and 1 body. We do not need fifty shades of creams that will go bad just because we had too many to use. You’ll feel better having less as well as being healthy for both you and planet.

  1. Use multifunctional product

This will help you to achieve cutting down different chemical exposure and reduce packaging waste. There are so many multifunction use for products, coconut oil is one of the examples. You can use it for makeup remover, moisturizer, lip balm, scrub (if mixed with sugar/coffee/salt). And do you know that you can use one product for both body and hair, and the list goes on. Be careful with the caution/warning.

  1. Choose products with ingredients you can pronounce (and short list)

More does not necessarily mean better. It is marketing strategy of the industry to put as much as they could as a ‘show’ or to make it difficult for you to even understand, hence choosing it anyway. By choosing products with short list, it will ease up your research process so you are more selective. Also, you definitely will be exposing yourself to fewer toxins that are used in the manufacturing of the product.

  1. Avoid artificial fragrance

Any artificial fragrance which frequently contain phthalates, can trigger allergic reactions and other health problems. Be mindful of the hidden dangers that “perfume” listed on ingredients labels can pose, and always choose fragrance-free products or choose natural scent from essential oils.

  1. Choose recyclable packaging

Glass is the best option because it is recyclable and has no danger effect. As far as plastics go, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), also known by the recycling code #1, is also safe to be used. Also, start thinking about refilling or support a company that is taking initiative steps to reduce waste.

Do not try to be perfect! Remember that this is a journey and every process is a process to enjoy!
Have a better and healthier life.


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