ALAMI believes in helping the society. We think it is also our responsibility. ALAMI is obviously open for any social projects however education is in our heart. Young generations are the pearl of our future which we need to invest in. Unfortunately there are still many kids who do not receive education they deserve. Here, we want to create hope for their future. We would like to contribute by your purchase to the below foundations we believe in. They are all based in the founder’s home country, Indonesia, where poverty is still one of the countries’ issues. This issue results kid’s impossibility to pursue education which will give them chance to compete in the job world as they grow up.

  1. Yayasan Al-Qashwa
  2. BGBJ – (The seeds of Bantar Gebang) The foundation that is located a the end of rubbish chain area in Jakarta where people also live. They believe that children and young people are the seeds for a positive future at the landfill. BGBJ provides education, training, assistance, food and fun for kids who lack access to these resources.
  3. YPAB – (The foundation of the Nation’s Leaders) The non-profit organisation program that provides equivalency education of Package A (Equivalent of Elementary school), Package B (Equivalent of Junior High), and Package C (Equivalent High School). YPAB is intended to be a place for drop out residents of all ages and work. Education course-qualified and competitive with formal education.